Everest Base Camp Routes & Waypoints


Everest Base Camp Routes and Waypoints provide detailed GPS paths for all of the main trekking routes in the Everest region and many of the minor routes. In addition, waypoints for many villages, (and the occasional yak herding station), provide name and elevation detail.

Paths may be selectively loaded to your GPS unit ensuring that you have the exact details you need for your individual trek. This is facilitated by using 'Easy GPS' an excellent and cost free programme available from here. A screen shot is shown below.






Details of coverage are shown below and are taken directly from the mapping software developed to produce the file you will receive.























If you feel you want to offer your thanks in the traditional way, ie with some money. please use the paypal link shown. If you don't that's fine too, it's up to you.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable trek



If you want to use it be my guest. Simply download 'easygps' from the link you saw above, (remember there is no cost for this programme), and then download the Everest Base Camp file from here. (right click the mouse and save the file onto your PC, useing 'Save Target As') Open the saved file with 'easygps' and load the data into your GPS. You're then ready for an adventure in the Everest region.

The datum used is 'everest 1830'.

To give you an idea of the level of detail and accuracy a small portion of one of the preparation maps is shown below.







I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the data in the file provided but users understand that the use of this data is at their own risk. I take no responsibiltiy for damages accident or loss of life resulting from the use of this data.